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What's this site about?
I'm old enough to have been using personal computers ever since they started appearing in the workplace in the UK, around 1984. Back then, there were lots of operating systems, but over time MS/DOS became dominant, with the odd Apple & Commodore lurking around. I became a interested 'user', and over the last few years I've become increasingly 'techie'. But it's all been with Windows, just because it's all I had ever used.

Enter GNU/Linux
Since 1997, I've dabbled with various Linux distributions, learned a bit, enjoyed it, got frustrated with various limitations, & carried on using Windows for everything. Then I came across Ubuntu 6.04, found it much more user-friendly, and I've kept at least 1 Ubuntu PC active on my home network ever since.

It seems to me that using more than one OS has to be a good thing - and recently my modest knowledge of Ubuntu helped me understand how to get my first Mac integrated with my network.

Key to the practical use of Ubuntu for me was learning to integrate it with Windows machines on my home network. Initially, I found it very hard to do, and without an excellent article by Stormbringer on the Ubuntu forums, I would have undoubtedly failed & given up again.

Later releases have made it much easier to do, just a few clicks really, but I've still never come across simple guides for users brought up on Windows.

So, this is my attempt to help a llitle.


Ubuntu 10.04

Due to time pressures, I did not check out networking in 10.4, but went straight on to 10.10.

That said, I have no reason to suppose that the 10.10 guide will not work for 10.4.


JA November 2010